'I’ve acted in front of the camera most of my life, but sitting for real a photo always makes me uncomfortable.  Not with Rupert! He works like a collaborator and before I knew it we were discussing framing and moving lights around. Very fun experience with some terrific pics resulting.'
- Kris Holden-Reid: Actor.
'Rupert was great to work with. His patience, humour and relaxed attitude put me at ease, and we were able to get some great shots. Rupert is highly knowledgeable about lighting and background and his equipment is top notch. I would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a photographer.' 
-Sarah B: Psychotherapist.
'Rupert immediately made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. His disarming and pleasant approach sure helped! The pictures are fantastic, and really reflect who I see myself to be. A truly enjoyable experience.'
- Nadine S: Director in Philanthropic Sector.
'I had the pleasure of sitting for a portrait session with Rupert and it was a fantastic experience. From start to finish, Rupert showcased not only exceptional skill behind the lens but also a genuine talent for capturing the essence of his subject. He demonstrated exceptional professionalism throughout the entire process, and his friendly demeanour and clear guidance ensured a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend Rupert to anyone seeking a talented and dedicated portrait photographer.'
- Deirdre R: Creative Director.
'Rupert possessed such a natural , easy charm and sincere relaxed attitude of positivity that I was able to let go of my photo anxieties. I’m very pleased with the aspects of my personality he captured as a result.'
- Wendy T: Speech-Language Pathologist.
'I have been behind the lens directing film and television for the past 30 years and prefer to stay back there!  But Rupert was very gentle and supportive and helped me feel at ease posing for my portrait with him.  He got me to a place where I felt open and safe and that allowed him to really capture my essence in his photographs.  Tons of fun.'

- Grant Harvey: Film and Television Director.
'What a pleasure it was to work with Rupert on my photoshoot! I was so happy with the outcome of my casual and business headshots, and use them on multiple platforms including social media and corporate website. Highly recommend Rupert for any of your photo needs!'
-Jeremy Diamond: CEO RCAF Foundation.

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